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Update on Carrageenan Site Injection Product

By Patrick Arnold

A few weeks ago I revealed in my blog that there is a product on the market that appears to be an injectable carrageenan solution.  This is purported to be a “site specific” muscle growth injection and the science is based upon some japanese research I had first uncovered about five years ago.  The product is sold on a website <a href="”>

Anyway I had promised you that I would inform you of any testing on the product I might do.  Since then I actually was able to contact the company that makes the product and convince them to pay to test the product.  I got them to arrange for chromadex (a well known analytical testing company) to procure one of their commercial vial products.  They tested for sterility and the product came back clean.  I am attaching the assay for you to see.

This is not an endorsement of the product by any means – that I have to make clear.  I am just reporting on a muscle related topic here


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hypothetically speaking, what would a protocol for this particular seo be?

I read your post on PHF, and do you still recommend
‘5 cc a day for 6 days per muscle.’?

If you would care to elaborate anymore on anything regarding this I would appreciate it, it’s quite interesting.

Also, could you also write a more detailed guideline for experimentation?

Thanks for the follow up!

I am very reluctant to speculate on what would be the best way to use this stuff as a site injection product. That can and will be used against me by someone somewhere, even if I make every effort to clarify that I am only speaking hypothetically

Technically this isn’t a Sterility Test, but more of a generic food designed Microbial Limits or Bioburden Test. The specs they have listed allow for the product to PASS yet have microbial contamination.

Really, Pat? I mean, REALLY?!

There is no indication at the A-SLICK-SHEEN ( web site as to the concentration of λ-carrageenan in its magical “external use only” solution. That, alone, worries me about the potential of intramuscular injection.

But let’s take a look at the history of intramuscular injection of λ-carrageenan. It’s nothing new. References in the literature go back more than 30 years. And why have researchers injected it into rat muscles for all those years? To create inflammation and hyperalgesia (increased sensitivity to pain). Not to create myofibrillar hypertrophy. Not to create myofibrillar hyperplasia. To create INFLAMMATION and PAIN.

But how much is it going to take for pain and inflammation to become chronic? Maybe not that much.

Your comments on the PHF blog started with “5 cc a day for 6 days per muscle” and progressed to a more conservative “2cc a day for 4 or 5 days”. But you know what frustrated bodybuilders are like: more is better, ad absurdum. Let’s go with that first dosage: a total of 30cc per muscle over a week. Now, let’s apply that to 90kg male, about 198 pounds. That’s a dosage of about 333µl/kg body weight. So what would happen if you injected a single dose of a 3% λ-carrageenan solution, in that same amount, into a rat’s muscle?

Well, that’s what they learned here: ( Injecting a single 100µl dose of a 3% λ-carrageenan solution into a single gastrocnemius muscle of a 225-300g Sprague-Dawley rat resulted in chronic and bilateral inflammation and hyperalgesia that lasted up to 8 weeks! Holy Jumpin’ Jesus! I don’t think that’S what the anxious buyers of this stuff are signing up for. Of course, that study did not show such a profound and long-term result for the same dosages of a 0.3% and 1% solution, but, once again, the folks at A-SLICK-SHEEN ( have chosen not to disclose the concentration of their solution.

Frankly, I think you should walk away from any association with this stuff before any of your fans become walking cautionary tales like Gregg Valentino. But that’s just my opinion; I could be wrong.