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Taurine and Anabolics

By Farmacist

Taurine is an organic acid found in the body that is involved in a variety of processes. It has been studied for heart failure, high cholesterol and blood pressure, fatty liver and multiple other conditions. One of the more interesting effects its ability to enhance testosterone levels and testicular function. In adult and aged rats taurine increased testosterone levels, while also increasing luteinizing hormone, nitric oxide and sexual response. Other studies show taurine provide general testicular protection from a variety of toxins like heavy metals, cancer treating drugs, and nicotine by virtue of its an antioxidant effects.

A new study shows some interesting benefits of taurine that could be specific to the user of anabolics. Rats were given nandrolone decanoate (deca) alone, or nandrolone with taurine for 8 weeks (and placebo only, and taurine only). The result was that taurine reversed several significant nandrolone induced side effects. The most important being that it normalized testosterone levels while taking nandrolone. In addition it prevented changes in sperm characteristics and in key steroid forming enzymes.

The idea of endogenous testosterone being “shut down” while on anabolics is well known, and there have been a plethora of strategies for preventing or reversing this. Usually these strategies are based on some intervention in the negative feedback loop caused by excess steroid signaling the stopping of LH production in the pituitary. This study brings to light a new idea that I haven’t seen discussed much in regards to keeping endogenous testosterone production intact while using exogenous hormones. This idea is that the decrease in T level is from oxidative damage resulting in apoptosis in the leydig cells.

So while gonadotropins are important in the production of testosterone, perhaps looking into testiculo-protective supplements could be an alternate strategy to keep endogenous T production functional, at least in the short term.

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Very interesting thought till now taurine was useless. Reading the study with nadrolone D I guess 100mg /kg is the dose. Going to give it a try. Any recommendations on how to take it i.e with an empty stomach or does not matter? Any solubility issues that need to be addressed ? Thanks!

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