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Sports Performance Enhancement – Hillbilly Style!

By Patrick Arnold

David L. Warner Jr., 36, recently won the Jessamine County Fair Demolition Derby small car division.  After receiving his trophy he was approached by some policemen who had another trophy to present to him – a pair of handcuffs.  It appears that there were many reports that David was perhaps a bit too reckless and bold during the competition.  Of course reckless and bold are valuable assets for a demolition derby driver and any drug that increases these in a person could be considered cheating.  Well in this case the drug was alcohol.

Now of course the police weren’t there to arrest him for doping, they were there to arrest him for drunk driving.  And it’s a good thing, because a drunk guy in a derby might get into an accident or something, which may then score him more points in the derby.  Hmmm, so maybe they were there to arrest him for doping?  Where am I going with this?  I am not entirely sure.  Maybe what I am trying to say is this story is not so much about doping as it is about a bunch of dopes that live in Central Kentucky.

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