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New steroid sold as a supplement – Does it work? Is it a controlled substance? (Part I)

By Patrick Arnold

The bodybuilder message boards have been going crazy with folks who are curious about a new grey market supplement product called “Super DMZ”, sold by a company called IronMagLabs.  This product contains two synthetic steroid products with structures (not to mention marketing claims) suggesting they are in the class of anabolic / androgens.

One of the ingredients is already known by many under the name of dimethazine.  Dimethazine is a steroid that was sold at one time overseas and consists of two molecules of methasterone (aka superdrol) linked together by an azine group at the 3 positions.  This azine group is hydrolyzable in the body so basically dimethazine is a methasterone prodrug.  As such it delivers many of the same anabolic effects as methasterone, along as presenting similar toxic risks.

The second ingredient in Super DMZ is the interesting ingredient and the one surrounded by all the mystery.  Much of the mystery arises from the fact that IronMagLabs is being deliberately evasive about the true nature of the compound.  They have changed the name of the compound once already, and the names they have utilized had faulty syntax and spelling.

The first name they used, even though they screwed it up, was descriptive enough that myself and a couple of other people were able to decipher its identity.  IronMagLabs then oddly changed the name, perhaps due to fear that the first name was too descriptive and not secret enough.  Forget the fact that it is illegal to not disclose ingredients on a label (this is the bizarro world of grey market supplements).  Anyway, the first name they used was 3-ethylenedioxy-stem-5(10),9(11)-dien-17-one.  Although they bastardized this name it is pretty clear that what they are referring to is 3,3-ethylenedioxy-estra-5(10),9(11)-17-one.  Now before I explain what this compound is (i.e. what its used for, and  what probably happens to it in the body) I will tell you what IronMagLabs is claiming

To be honest it’s really hard to figure out what IronMagLabs is claiming, but I will tell you what comments they made when pressed on the Anabolic Minds message board.  The first comment was “A Mifepristone intermediate; antiprogestational antiglucocorticoid antagonist steroidal spirooxazole.”   Now this is true, in fact it was taken right off the website of a chinese company which supplies this compound.  However, if IronMagLabs is suggesting that it has pharmacological activity similar to mifepristone (also known as RU-486 or the abortion pill) they are gravely mistaken.  It is simply a chemical intermediate (and quite a distant one from the final drug target).  The next comment IronMagLabs made was even stranger.  It was simply a link to the Wikipedia entry for the endometriosis drug gestrinone.  Like mifepristone, gestrinone has anti-progestational activity but unlike mifepristone there is no connection whatsoever (not even a nebulous one regarding chemical synthesis processes) between gestrinone and their mystery steroid ingredient.

So putting aside all the confusing banter put out by IronMagLabs , let’s look at what this ingredient really is.

End of Part I

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thank you for providing juicy content for my blog

Can’t wait for Part 2!

It sounds like IML wants us to believe that this combination will somehow counter DMZ’s progestin effects. But if they won’t even tell people what their mystery compound actually is, I can’t imagine a lot of people would want to risk gyno or whatever by gambling that their combination works. Better to just take straight DMZ and have the anti-progestational regimen already worked out. Fewer unknowns that way.

Dear Patrick,
i think it has to be 2,3-ethylenedioxy-estra-5(10),9(11)-17-one , not 3,3-ethylenedioxy-estra-5(10),9(11)-17-one (Certainly just a typing mistake)
Greetings from Germany

no, its definitely 3,3. 2,3 does not make any sense and 3,3 is quite well documented. this is a ketal. react a ketone with ethylene glycol and acid catalst and remove water and you get the 3,3-ethylenedioxy group. i think i would know since i have done this reaction a thousand times

there is no evidence to suggest that dimethazine, or its breakdown product methasterone, would have progestational activity of any significance. 5alpha-androstanes most certainly are not known to have such activity. rather, such activity is associated with 19-nor derivatives (particularly 17alpha-alkylated 19 nors)

Isn’t the correct nomenclature simply use a singular 3 as the ethylenedioxy is off of the 3 position on the steroid? I am not sure what the 3.3 would indicate. Is this compound CAS# 5571-36-8? Looks like an intermediate for the drug Proellex®. I wonder if you could call this a SPERM (Selective ProgEsterone Receptor Modulator)? I can see the headlines now, “PA goes down on IronMag’s SPERM”

the correct nomenclature is 3,3. there are two bonds coming off the 3 position. they happen to ultimately meet in a cyclic structure but there are still two bonds

Proellex looks quite similar to mifepristone so It too probably is made from the compound in question

I still don’t know if it works?
so does super dmz work?

I havent heard anything about this product since I wrote the blog pretty much. I am not sure if it is even marketed anymore

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