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More Craziness over Craze

By Patrick Arnold

As I said in my last piece, things are moving fast in this Craze scandal.  Word just came out today that the product was tested in Sweden and confirmed to contain the same meth analog that the Australian federal police said they identified

“In this material we found substances chemically similar to amphetamine and that probably would have similar effects to amphetamine has been says Anna Stenfeldt Henning, Head, Drug Analysis Unit, SKL.”

SKL is the Swedish National Lab for Forensic Science. The Swedes refer to the chemical as N-ethyl-1-phenyl-2-butylamine, but it also goes by the names N,alpha-diethylbenzeneethanamine and N,alpha-diethylphenethylamine.  As I mentioned in my last installment it is considered a structural isomer of methamphetamine.  Why is it considered a structural isomer to methamphetamine while some other phenethylamine derivatives are not?  If you want to get technical it is because it contains an alkyl (hydrocarbon chain) alpha to the nitrogen atom.  The presence of the alkyl group blocks the enzyme monoamine oxidase, which normally inactivates such neurotransmitter type compounds.  In other words it makes it potent so you get the classic “speed” high.

This testing by the Swedes comes on the heels of a consumer who took Craze for two weeks and ended up in the hospital.  This case led the magazine SVT Nyheter to contact the SKL who then took it upon themselves to test the product.

The makers of Craze have responded to SVY Nyheter by claiming that their product does not contain the meth analog and that it must be one of the counterfeit Craze jars that allegedly have been floating around europe.  However, SVT Nyheter contacted the retailer that they bought the Craze from and they claimed to have bought it directly from Driven Sports.

I have yet to hear of any action regarding this product here in the states.  Online retailers continue to sell the product.  I don’t know if that is going to continue for long.   The liability of selling a product with the knowledge that it may contain an illegal and potentially dangerous substance might be too risky for large distributors and retailers.  Usually in situations such as this the product is put on temporary hold until more information is available and the situation clarified, because not to do so puts a company at potentially greater legal risk in the future should the fears be confirmed and a criminal investigation launched.

So if you love your Craze, and you don’t care about any of the scary stuff coming to light lately, you might want to stock up.

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Is there any clinical data or studies on this particular analogue?

This article describes N-ethyl, alpha-methyl-phenethylamine (N-ethylamphetamine), which is one CH3 short of the analogue described in the blog above (on the alpha carbon):

And this article describes alpha-alkylated derivatives of amphetamine (primary amine):

As far as I know, there is no research examining this particular compound, but one could speculate that it would be an active and potent analogue of amphetamine.

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