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Look at your hand…..again

By Patrick Arnold

Last month I wrote a blog on what is known as the 2D/4D ratio.  This is the ratio of your ring finger to your index finger and it is believed to be influenced by the amount of testosterone that was present in the womb during your prenatal development stage.  Masculine traits such as a propensity for athletics, aggression, and manly facial features are believed to be regulated  by the amount of this pre-natal testosterone.  And since 2D/4D ratio is reflective of pre-natal testosterone levels, it has been found to correlate well with these traits in adults (read my first blog here

I write this follow up because an interesting new study was released regarding a new possible correlation involving the 2D/4D ratio (   The study was done in Korea and they claim to have found a link to penis length.  A group of 144 men who each were in the hospital for urological surgery agreed to have their digit ratios and their penis lengths measured.  To avoid any bias they used a different person to measure the fingers and the penis.  Two measurements of the penis were made – flaccid and stretched.  I assume stretched length is supposed to simulate erect length.  I don’t know how hard they stretch the penis out but I know if I pull mine too hard it hurts pretty bad.  Maybe they did the stretching while the patients were passed out for the surgery?  Anyway, there was no correlation between the flaccid length and 2D/4D ratio but there was a decent correlation between 2D/4D ratio and strectched length.

So are girls going to start analyzing guys’ hands on dates now?  I don’t know.  And I don’t know if this study applies equally as well to other ethnic groups as it does to Koreans.  For instance, it may not apply to Cubans at all.  Furthermore, there may be other factors at play that determine penis length other than pre-natal testosterone.  Genetics may play a factor independent of hormones.  However, there may still be some correlation and this points to pre-natal testosterone having some role in determining the degree of awe your partner expresses when you unzip your trousers.

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On my right hand, the two digits are about even, with a fraction of an inch difference going to the ring finger. On the left hand, the ring finger is markedly longer than the index. How does that get interpreted.

Does your penis curve to the left?

i didn’t read the study, but my hunch is that if your ring finger is even with your index or exceeds its length, then you’re likely more typically androgenic male. If it’s shorter, then you might be concerned, and can fit your wedding ring on your very straight penis.

If your penis curves to the left, you didn’t read the artlicle, either…

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