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JC Romero….Exonerated??

By Patrick Arnold

The ex-Philadelphia Phillies pitcher JC Romero and his attorneys recently settled a lawsuit (I assume with Vitamin Shoppe and GNC) regarding a product I once sold called 6-oxo extreme. You can read the New York Daily News Article here

I don’t want to waste my time going into the background of this case. And I am not going to discuss it in great deal as to do so would bore the hell out of you. In reality, there is no need to say anything more than to present to you vital facts which make every other aspect of this matter irrelevant.

So I present to you these facts (which sadly the media completely missed)

1) The supplement ITSELF that Romero took was under a class of banned substances. It was under the category of “aromatase inhibitors”. Regardless of whether there was contamination this fact remains. Compounds within a category are considered illegal under a “catch all” phrase, even if they are not specifically listed.

2) The product, 6-oxo extreme, had a clear disclaimer which told users to check with their athletic organizations before using if they are subject to doping testing. This disclaimer was put on there specifically to make sure that people like JC Romero would not take it!!

3) Romero failed to heed the label warning – not to mention the MLB rules – and failed to check with his organization to see if the product was admissable.

4) Romero admits he took 6-oxo extreme, clearly a banned product under MLB doping rules.


In essence, this is really not much different than taking growth hormone that is contaminated with testosterone – testing positive for testosterone – and then protesting your innocence by blaming the manufacturer of the growth hormone.

That’s pretty much all I have to say

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Somewhat of a parallel to this story of Strikeforce fighter King Mo Lawal who recently tested positive for drostanolone…

The supplement, which was also sold by other companies under the names “Superdrol” and “Halodrol-50″ among others, is well known in bodybuilding circles as a “designer steroid” as it tok a while for the government to realize what the compound was. The problem is, the supplement isn’t readily available in your typical GNC, so either Mo had some lying around the house since it was pulled from the shelves a five years ago following an FDA ban, or he ordered the pills from a shady internet site that sells banned supplements. Either that or the supplement was simply an excuse that was a step up from saying, “Yeah, I took steroids, but I screwed up my cycle and got caught.” The difference is, taking the latter approach wouldn’t allow you to barter for a lesser suspension like ignorance does.

It’s bad enough when the general public can’t be bothered to read the full label but you’d expect it from a professional sportsman with a lot to lose.

There is a company out there, House of Muscle, selling a product that looks identical to 6-OXO. Patrick, is this possible? Do you know anything about this product?

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