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Interesting “Anti-Aging” drug (PART ONE)

By Patrick Arnold

If you work in a hospital emergency room in any city than you probably see addicts come in with overdoses from heroin or other opiate drugs.  And you know the protocol – you hook them up to an opiate antagonist via i.v. and then watch them wake up screaming and writhing.  Not a fun experience for the addict as he is essentially going through immediate and severe drug withdrawal.  Eventually the drug wears off though and then they leave the hospital to head out and shoot up again.

Anyway this blog is not about drug addicts but it is about a very interesting drug called naltrexone.  Naltrexone is one of these opiate antagonists that they use to treat opiate overdoses.  It also has other uses such as a treatment for alcoholism.  Essentially what naltrexone does is block your brains morphine like “feel good chemicals” called endorphins.  Endorphins are essential for alot of the pleasure you feel from the good things in life such as booze, sex, and even (in no small way) the great feeling you get from working out intensely.

I am sure you are thinking to yourself “sounds like naltrexone is something i would never want to take” but step back for a minute and hear what i say. Naltrexone (in a specific dose) is currently being sold by some “anti-aging” sites as an alternative medicine treatment for several illnesses that involve immune system malfunctioning such as crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and HIV / AIDS.  Anecdotal feedback (for what that’s worth) seems impressive for the therapy and actual formal clinical studies are currently underway.  But my blog is fitness oriented, and discussing alternative treatments for diseases is not on my agenda.

What is on my agenda are disscussing things that can enhance physical and mental performance and improve overall quality of life for already healthy people (things which, oddly enough, are considered unethical and subversive by many in our current society).  And I think Naltrexone is one thing that potentially can fit in that category.  More specifically, I mean a certain protocol wherein Naltrexone is taken once a day in a very small dose.

The therapy is called Low Dose Naltrexone therapy and……. TO CONTINUE NEXT WEEK

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