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Instant Ketosis?

By Patrick Arnold


In late 2010 a professor from a university in Florida approached me to see if I could synthesize a compound that he wanted to use in his research.  This compound was what is known as a “ketone ester”.  This ketone ester is a synthetic prodrug which, after ingestion, your body naturally breaks down into the ketone bodies beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and acetoacetate (AcAc).

Ketone bodies are energy sources that your body naturally produce and burn under special metabolic conditions.  These conditions include starvation and a very high fat / low carbohydrate diet (known as the ketogenic diet).   Ketones are the end products of fatty acid metabolism, and compared to your body’s major source of caloric energy (glucose), they are pretty amazing.  Unlike glucose, ketones do not require insulin to enter cells and be incorporated into the metabolic cycles that generate the cellular fuel ATP.  They cannot be converted to body fat. Also, unlike most fats, ketones can freely enter the brain where they are an excellent fuel for brain cells.  On top of all that, ketones generate more ATP per unit oxygen consumed than any other energy source.  Ketones are essentially your body’s super fuel.

I ended up successfully synthesizing this ketone ester for the professor, and he ended up performing some pretty cool studies utilizing the product.  For instance in one study he made rats resistant to the toxic effects of high pressure oxygen upon the central nervous system (this has major implications for deep sea divers such as navy seals, as well as indirectly on folks suffering from epilepsy).  In another study he almost completely halted the growth of cancerous tumors in rats by giving them the ketone ester.  The professor also showed in a more informal study that rats taking the ketone ester could exercise quite a bit longer than control rats.

As a supplement manufacturer I found the potential health and performance implications for raising ketones through the administration of a “ketone supplement” very exciting.  Unfortunately the ketone ester I made for the professor is both  synthetic and extremely expensive, so it was wholly unsuitable for sale as a supplement.  My collaboration with the professor did get me thinking though, and I set out to see if I could develop a way to raise ketone levels by administering a natural product alternative.

My focus was on the ketones themselves.  As I mentioned previously, there are two major endogenous ketones: beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and acetoacetate (AcAc).  AcAc I had to eliminate right off the bat because it is too unstable (it breaks down relatively quickly to acetone and carbon dioxide).  BHB on the other hand was a possibility – particularly in the form of one or more of its salts.  The problem was the only BHB salt which is commercially available is sodium BHB and it’s just too expensive.  So I had to embark on my own R&D project to figure out how to make BHB salts at a price that is not completely out of reach.

I ended up perfecting a proprietary manufacturing method for sodium and potassium mixed BHB salts.  Why mixed sodium and potassium salts?  The reason for that is because at the level of intake of BHB required for benefits you would have to ingest a substantial amount of cation (positively charged mineral such as sodium or potassium).  At such levels of cation ingestion it made sense that a balance of sodium and potassium salts would be the healthiest thing to do.

Additionally, I discovered that the product had to be delivered as a concentrated liquid because potassium BHB is simply too hygroscopic to isolate as a powder (it picks up water from the atmosphere and turns into mush at an astonishing rate, whether by itself or mixed with sodium BHB).

So, just to make things clear, is I have developed a supplement product that raises blood ketone levels.  This product does not require a ketogenic diet to raise ketone levels as it is essentially providing an external source of ketones.  As such, it will raise ketones even if you eat a plate of spaghetti before taking it (still, its benefits are maximized when combined with either a ketogenic or other sort of low carb diet).

This kind of thing is a lot of work.  For instance it involved developing novel analytical testing methodologies (which as an organic synthesis guy isn’t second nature by any means!)  But after about a year of work  this weekend I am proud to announce the introduction my sodium and potassium mixed  BHB salts on my website.

I hope to continue this topic next week and introduce you to some blood data and exercise performance data on my BHB salts that I think you will find very exciting.  Also I will give some tips on how to possibly best uitilize this product for whatever health or fitness goals you may have.

So stay tuned!

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Patrick what is the difference between your E Pharm Pump Spray and Ur Spray?

Ur Spray has a little bit more Arginine Ursolic Acetate in it than Pump spray, but pump spray also has Triacetyladenosine

They essentially give the same results

Hi Patrick!

The link you shared is no longer working, could you please verify which product is it exactly?

I live in europe, is it available here?

2nd question is related to 11-kt spray: is it still produced, or will 11-oxo replace it?

thank you!

Hello, this is the product

It can be purchased directly from the site or through Predator Nutrition in the UK

11KT has been discontinued and replaced with 11-oxo yes

Thank you for the quick response!

Since its still available in this particular Uk store, could you please give me any pointers in how both products differ?
(one spray and one oral)


I am super exited to try keto force for my 10 year old son he is glut 1 ds and need to be on ketogenic diet to produce ketones to supply his brain of energy. Ketogenic diet helps but my main struggle is to keep him in ketones! This product sounds like the answer to help him produce more easily ketones even if he take in a bit more carbs?
Supper exited
I order the product on predator nutrition site they still got stock

Thanks for the message Celia but I have to point out the all important FDA mandated disclaimer

” This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

Thank you Patrick
I will use the product in create care.
I came across the ” ester ketones” via a prof Jorg Keppler or referring to it on a glut 1 ds seminar . Everything is worth trying after 10 years of struggling to get a 0000.1% change to make live easier for people struggling with brain dysfunction that can not use glucose for brain fuel.

How many times a day could the ketone esters you developed for the study be taken? Are esters in general safer for more frequent consumption than would be a sodium salt, where sodium overdose becomes an issue at some point?

Pone, the ketone esters are still undergoing complete safety and efficacy testing and have not acheived approval for human use at this point. Conceivably there should be no impediments to large dosing due to the lack of mineral load and the intrinsic pH neutral nature of the product

Patrick, the esters sound like a pretty phenomenal product. Do you think USF will try to commercialize that? Do you think other companies will try to copy it?

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