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Consumer Alert: Bad Creatinol-O-Phosphate (COP) being sold

By Patrick Arnold

Last May I blogged about the supplement ingredient Creatinol-O-Phosphate (COP) This was in anticipation of my own effervescent formula of COP which we have been selling on our Prototype Nutrition line ever since. Unfortunately I am here to tell you that we are going to have to stop selling the product, at least temporarily, until some serious raw material issues are concerned.

I am very familiar with the properties of COP. Years before COP even appeared on the supplement market my assistant chemist Matt Daniel had perfected the free online auto insurance quotes synthesis of the material in our lab and I was experimenting with different dosage forms of the material. The synthesis unfortunately required some very high temperature and low pressure (vacuum) conditions which made it too problematic for scale up to commercial size quantities. Still, we became very familiar with the material and you could say that I learned how to tell what is COP and what is not COP pretty much without debate.

We obtained our COP for our Prototype Nutrition product from a source we are familiar with and it was good material. Unfortunately this company ceased production of the compound recently so we were forced to look for other suppliers. Much to our dismay the sample material we have been getting from these alternative suppliers has been consistently bad. The strange thing is that each sample of COP from each supplier we have contacted has been bad in the same way – same appearance, texture, taste. The stuff looks and tastes more like creatine monohydrate than COP. Additionally, each sample melted at 257-258 Celcius on the dot. Real COP melts at 243-244 Celcius.

There is one more key difference between this fake COP going around now and the real stuff. Real COP gives a very vigourous reaction when mixed with baking soda in water (lots of fizzing). This is because COP is acidic and this reaction forms the sodium salt of COP while liberating carbon dioxide as a by-product. The fake COP on the other hand just sits in the water with the baking soda and does nothing.

I strongly suspect that this issue is now industry wide. We all buy from the same suppliers and it is likely that other companies are just trusting the certificate of analysis they receive and are not even aware what they have is bunk. As a consumer though you have the ability to test the material you buy in your kitchen using the baking soda method (this would only work if you are buying a pure COP product of course). Simply put a teaspoon of baking soda in 4 ounces of water and then add a teaspoon of COP. Mix the solution. If it fizzes aggressively then it probably is good COP. If nothing happens then you have the bunk material.

Hopefully we will secure some good material from a supplier soon and get our Effervescent COP back up on our Prototype Nutrition site. I will definitely let you know when we do. Until then, be conscience of this issue if you are looking for a COP containing supplement today.

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Test passed.

I used COP from Live Long Nutrition, available through Amazon. It very much fizzed when I added the sodium bicarb. Almost violently so. I had to be very careful not to add too much while I was making it react.

PS I would have bought this from you if you had sold just the raw.

PATRICK, check your mindandmuscle PMs please, I have a follow up for you, and a question about DAA!!!

thanks man

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