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Don’t eat that bread before your meal

By Patrick Arnold

We all have been to restaurants where you sit down and they throw down a basket of bread before they take your order. Sometimes the bread is mediocre. Sometimes it’s brownish dense stuff and filled with nuts, berries, and twigs. And sometimes it’s hard to resist piping hot rolls with butter on the side. Whichever […]



Japanese herbal medicine may be natural alternative to Ghrelin and Ghrelin agonists (GHRPs)

By Patrick Arnold

Ghrelin is a 28 amino acid long peptide that is secreted in the stomach and released into the bloodstream.   It is often referred to as the “hunger hormone”.   Ghrelin is known to act directly on Ghrelin receptors in the stomach to increase gastric motility and gastric acid secretion.   Gastric derived Ghrelin is also known to […]



Taurine and Anabolics

By Farmacist

Taurine is an organic acid found in the body that is involved in a variety of processes. It has been studied for heart failure, high cholesterol and blood pressure, fatty liver and multiple other conditions. One of the more interesting effects its ability to enhance testosterone levels and testicular function. In adult and aged rats […]



Exogenous Insulin and Ketosis

By Farmacist

Editors Note: The following article is a guest blog by Farmacist When ketogenic diets came back in vogue in the 90’s, bodybuilders were looking for ways to speed up getting into ketosis.  The diets were cyclic and it took several unpleasant days to get into full blown ketosis.  Glucose disposal agents were typically used, but […]



Making old muscles new again with Oxytocin

By Patrick Arnold

Oxytocin is a relatively small peptide hormone (nine amino acids) that is produced in the posterior pituitary gland.  Although it is produced in both men and women, the most well known function of oxytocin is in females where it acts as a facilitator of uterine contractions during labor, and as a stimulator of milk release […]



Cobalt and Androgen Sensitivity?

By Farmacist

Editors Note: The following article is a guest blog by Farmacist Bioidentical hormone replacement is a popular treatment for women (and men) that uses steroids identical in structure to what the body naturally produces, instead of a nonhuman estrogen or progestin. In a certain percentage of patients, increased doses are needed to achieve a reduction […]



Can Ketone Supplementation Cure Cancer?

By Patrick Arnold

  Researchers at the University of South Florida recently had some very exciting research published in the International Journal of Cancer.  The research team was led by Dr. Dominic D’agostino, and the goal of the study was to examine the impact of supplemental ketones and ketone precursors on metastatic cancer in mice.  The research has […]



Espindolol (S-Pindolol, MT-102)

By Patrick Arnold

  Anabolic drugs are not dead, in fact research to develop new ones are aggressively being pursued to address medical situations such as cancer cachexia (wasting secondary to cancer) and sarcopenia (age related loss of muscle mass).  Both of these categories are potentially huge money makers.   Amongst the weird drugs that are being proposed for […]



DMAA: Not Dangerous After All?

By Patrick Arnold

  DMAA, also known as methylhexanamine or “geranamine” is a controversial stimulant ingredient used in weight loss and energy supplements.  In April of this year the FDA made a strong statement regarding its health dangers and its lack of legal standing as a nutritional supplement.   Companies selling DMAA products for the most part stopped selling […]



Initial KetoForce (BHB mixed salts) Data

By Patrick Arnold

On my last blog I promised  I would show you some data on my KetoForce product (BHB mixed salts).  I have two sets of data – the first showing blood beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) responses and the second showing specific changes in physiological parameters during a controlled exercise experiment. The blood data was done at a university […]