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Anabolic Steroids and Lactating

By Patrick Arnold

Those who read my blog who follow the bodybuilding drug culture will understand what I am talking about and the ones that do not are probably laughing.  Those people should stop reading here because the rest of this is going to be kinda technical.

There is much debate in the steroid community about why certain anabolic steroids which are not believed to result in estrogenic issues can still cause gynecomastia in some individuals.  Additionally, many have noticed that if they squeeze their nipples a milky substance comes out.  I dont know why people squeeze their nipples but some do and this does happen. 

The culprit has always thought to be prolactin.  However it was always just assumed to be prolactin.  But recently I looked into this subject and with the help of some other guy found out there isnt much support for this.  Check these two links out

There are other articles as well, that have to do more with livestock, that show AAS do not raise prolactin (however the estrogenic metabolites some form can).

So I have a better hypothesis.

Oxytocin is a hormone that like prolactin can cause milk “let down” in women.  It does not stimulate milk production like prolactin does, but any little bit of milk you may have in your breasts (or perhaps in the case of men, your’e gynoid lumps) may be stimulated by oxytocin to go to the nipple.  And maybe why thats the dudes are squeezing their nipples.  Like a women that is ready to feed baby these men feel a natural urge to relieve an uncomfortable feeling in their nips.  So they squeeze them and voila!  Colostrum. 

So whats the connection of anabolic steroids to oxytocin?  This link explains

Its a theory, thats all

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