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About Patrick Arnold

Patrick Arnold is an organic chemist who is renowned in the field of performance enhancement and sports supplements.  Patrick first hit the public eye in the late 1990’s when he introduced androstenedione (“andro”) to the market place.   Andro became widely known after it was linked to Mark Maguire in 1998 – the year he broke the seasonal home run record.  Patrick later went on to develop several other “prohormone” supplements such as 4-AD and 1-AD.  1-AD was considered by many to be the most effective and most popular prohormone ever developed.

Patrick is unique in the supplement industry because not only does he discover and introduce novel ingredients, but he uses his skills in organic synthesis to develop manufacturing processes for these ingredients.  Together with his business partner Lakhan Boodram, he actually carries out the commercial production of many of these ingredients and maintains his own strict quality oversight.

Despite all these accomplishments, Patrick may be best known as the man who developed the designer steroids that were behind the Balco scandal.  The most widely known of these steroids was tetrahydrogestrinone, also known as THG or “The Clear”.  Patrick was convicted for his role in the Balco scandal and served prison time.

In addition to Patrick’s work with prohormones and steroids he also is credited with introducing many successful ingredients to the supplement market place such as ipriflavone, 1,3-dimethylamylamine (i.e. Geranamine®), and phenibut.

Patrick currently produces products for the nutritional supplement company E-pharm Nutrition, as well as for Prototype Nutrition.  He continues to be perhaps the number one driving force in the advancement of performance enhancing nutritional supplementation.