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One man can make a difference

By Patrick Arnold

I have good news to tell everyone! Considering how our nutritional supplement industry has been under unprecedented assault here in the states with the FDA’s intolerant and strong handed stance on issues, issues that intend to dismantle what our whole industry is based upon ( a law called DSHEA), I find this recent small development something worthy of recognition. Something to remind us all that we CAN make a difference.

In this blog, on January 4th, I told you all about an issue regarding 7-keto DHEA (and derivatives thereof). This issue involved the government of the United Kingdom (UK) and some unfortunate knee jerk legislation motivated by a desire to make everything “peachy keen” for the upcoming 2012 London Summer Olympic Games. We can all completely understand why they (the UK government officials involved) would want to make their olympic games as clean and controversy free as possible. Problem is these folks are not qualified to make certain decisions. So these folks rely upon organizations such as the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) for guidance.

WADA’s job is to make sure athletes don’t resort to artificial means to enhance their performance. That is a pretty hefty load to carry, considering how our modern world kind of exists upon artificial means to help pretty much everything. Anyway, WADA does their job as they feel it needs to be done. Which means ban everything that even can remotely be imagined to help performance. That’s cool, let them do that. Unfortunately the problem occurs when their athletic organization laws carry over into policy of state government. Then it gets weird.

And it got weird in the UK. Basically what happened was some government bureaucrats had good intentions gone stupid. These folks thought that it would look good to the rest of the world if on the eve of the summer games they banned some of these nasty performance enhancing drugs (in this case stuff classified under the category of steroids – a tragically misinterpreted chemical term….).

By banned I mean banned officially by the UK government. These bureaucrats figured that their guide would be the WADA list of banned substances. Hell, they didn’t know any better.

Problem is, WADA does some strange things. For all intents and purpose they kind of do whatever they want. And whatever they want often makes little sense – as in classifying compounds as anabolic steroids that are not anabolic steroids. Which is exactly what happened with 7-keto DHEA. WADA decided (arbitrarily, capriciously, and with no effort insofar as to background research) to add 7-keto DHEA to the list of anabolic steroids

So taking the baton from their WADA masters these UK bureaucrats thought they would do a wonderful thing by banning 7-keto so that no UK citizen can touch the stuff without being a serious criminal – all because they trusted that what is on the WADA list must certainly be verified “bad”. Bad not just for helping an athltete perform better but bad for society in general. The assumption was it must be a dangerous substance of abuse. This is no exaggeration

The real sad thing is all this would have happened without protest – that is if it weren’t for my eagle eyed friend Andy.

Andy, a UK citizen, somehow got wind of this pending legislation and he informed me of it. How he knew about it I don’t know. This issue is not something that is front page news so Andy had to have made an effort to catch this. Andy apparently took to time to read the news that falls through the cracks. I was quite taken aback by all this when Andy emailed me and told me.

It’s kind of a big deal to me – 7-keto DHEA and its derivatives such as beta-AET are supplements I often tout as being one of very few products that really, really do something and have scientific support. And I know they are not anabolic steroids. Not even close. I am quite familiar with pharmacology as it relates to these substances.

So this is what I did. I told Andy to contact Humanetics Corporation. I know the people there, I have visited them and done business with them. They own the patent on 7-keto DHEA. They actually originally intended to sell the product as a drug, and then decided to market it as a supplement. These guys have worked closely with the United States FDA and they have very impressive documentation on the safety and efficacy of 7-keto. But not just the safety – more importantly they went out of their way to prove that it is NOT an anabolic steroid – as per the classical pharmacogolical definition.

Recall that 7-keto dhea has a steroid structure – but that does not mean it is an anabolic steroid. Anabolic steroids are a class of drugs associated with well documented ethical and toxicological concerns. A square is a rectangle but not all rectangles are squares. U follow me? i hope someone does….

Anyway, Andy contacted Humanetics, and as I anticipated they were quite taken aback. Humanetics proceeded to get in touch with the relevant characters in the UK and they provided them with their abundant archives of scientific and US government agency related documenations that convincingly showed that 7-keto (and its derivatives)

1) are not anabolic steroids

2) have undergone extensive safety and efficacy studies published in highly regarded peer reviewed journals

3) is (7-keto dhea specifically) explicitly recognized by the US FDA as a legitimate dietary supplement ingredient

So kudos to Andy and how he stayed on this issue till it was resolved. One person can make a difference sometimes

the UK reversed their decision. Document below

12-02-07 Further advice ACMD (2)

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Good job Pat and Andy!

Kind of makes one wonder though what substances did/do end up getting banned only because nobody pointed out the mistake. Doesn’t help when governments try to fly stuff like this under the radar.

I dont know how stuff works in the UK but in the US they do give opportunity for citizens to comment on such legislatiion before its passed. You have to be on top of stuff though because they dont make it front page news when these administrative procedures are put into action. Rick Collins attorney firm stays up on this stuff thankfully

Is Collins a watchdog for our rights AND the oversight folks re: athletes and performance enhancing drugs? I ask because based on a search and some reading I couldn’t really nail it down, and if someone is all about ridding sports of drugs, I’m a little skeptical of their sincerity from my more libertarian side. of course I might have been looking at some phoney baloney

rick does not represent drug testers or anything like that. he does support their efforts. basically he is for individual freedoms for regular people to have choices but also appreciates the efforts of athletic organizations to maintain a level playing field. Because of this stance he is respected and is able to have a greater influence than if he were just “pro-drug” across the board

I’m pleased to be able to say that (as a result of the intervention detailed above) the Home Office accepted the ACMD’s revised recommendation and withdrew the draft Misuse of Drugs Act amendment order.

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