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My first blog

By Patrick Arnold

Welcome to my blog. I hope to present some interesting information in the areas of performance enhancement (supplements as well as drugs), the nutritional supplement industry, government regulatory issues, and anything scientific or ethical regarding these topics.

Most of you probably know me as the guy behind the “andro” products and / or the guy behind the balco designer steroid THG (aka “the clear”). Fewer of you might know that I also am the manufacturer and formulator for a nutritional supplement line called E-Pharm. And fewer still I am sure are aware that I have a very small line of personally made “bench top scale” supplement products called Prototype Nutrition.

Don’t worry, I am not going to make this blog into a platform to blatantly promote my products. I know that is not what people want to read in a Patrick Arnold blog. However, I may make mention of one of my products if I believe it to be newsworthy, and I also encourage you to check out the links to both the Prototype Nutrition and E-pharm websites if you want to learn more about my products.

I hope to bring you a follow up blog in a few days so we can get down to some more meaningful content than my obligatory introduction statement. Right now I have to unwind from the Mr. Olympia show that I just returned from. It was a great expo (I missed the actual contest) and I made some good contacts as well hung out with some of my great friends. No one was indicted, subpoenaed, arrested, or raided during this Olympia weekend so that was especially encouraging.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and please be watching for my next blog. I hope to be posting reminders on my tweeter and facebook accounts when a new blog is entered. Stay out of trouble till then

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Sweet man, I’ll be following. Always enjoy what you have to say and your scientific findings.


Hey Pat – been following you since the old days on Looking forward to your blog posts!

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