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1-androsterone in the journal “Steroids”

By Patrick Arnold

“Steroids” is a prestigious journal that covers the science of….take a guess…steroids.   An abstract has just recently been released for an article that is soon to be published in Steroids.  The article concerns the product 1-Androsterone by Advanced Muscle Science (AMS).  It explains how this product was seized by some German FBI type agency and then sent to a lab to be analyzed for both capsule content and in-vivo metabolism. 

I am sure this was a major bust for the neo-gestapo over there.  I mean it’s not like you can just openly buy this stuff over dozens of websites.

Anyway, the study did find that the product contained the proper amount of the proper compound (which BTW is technically 1-DHEA and not 1-androsterone).  Kudos to AMS for that at least, since so many hormonal products on the market are mislabeled and under dosed.  The study also showed that ingestion of the product caused an increase in urinary excretion of 1-testosterone, 1-androstenedione, 1-androstenediol (both isomers), and actual 1-androsterone.  The article then makes a mistake by suggesting an observed increase in DHT and its metabolites was evidence of “an alteration” in endogenous steroid metabolism.  If they had studied past literature they would have realized that these DHT compounds were actual metabolites of the active ingredient rather than naturally produced metabolites (the 1,2 double bond can be naturally reduced in the body).  But that’s just academic and of little practical consequence.  One interesting thing they found however was that the 1-androsterone metabolite had an unusually long half life in the body, as it was still detectable at 9 days after the ingestion of just a single capsule.  That is unusual and unexpected.

Other than the prolonged elimination of the 1-androsterone metabolite none of this comes to a surprise to me, as my knowledge of steroid metabolism (specifically 1-test related steroid metabolism) would have me predict pretty much exactly what they reported.   I am not quite sure though why these Germans bothered with all this cheap viagra online research in the first place, as I would guess that any users of 1-androsterone would test positive under the already established methods for detecting 1-testosterone and 1-androstenediol.  So why bother with analyzing the metabolism of a 1-test metabolite?  I guess the German taxpayers don’t complain as much about trivial government expenditures as us Americans do.

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